KAORU'S JAPAN 2017 - a guided tour full of taiko and Japanese music studies in Japan

August 10 UPDATE: Tour information page was added!

If you have always wanted to go to Japan but felt intimidated because of language... if you've been curious to know what it's like to study in Japan but not known how to connect to teachers... if you've ever been curious to see the source of so much of what taiko drummers and fue players do these days but wouldn't know how to make the most of your time exploring Japan... THIS is the PERFECT opportunity: 


Supported by Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten and kaDON, organized by Kintetsu, I will be personally guiding participants through: 1) a workshop with Miyake Geinou Doushikai 2) an Edo Bayashi workshop with Suzuki Kyosuke, 3) a workshop/demonstration by Mochizuki Saburo and a full Kabuki musical ensemble, 4) a Noh Theater introductory workshop 5) a visit to master fue maker Ranjo's studio 6) a trip to Asakusa where we will visit the Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten, 7) a concert featuring Fumi Tanakadate and myself with some special guests including Kodo's Chieko Kojima, 8) a trip to see the climactic final day/evening of Chichibu Yomatsuri (where Yatai Bayashi comes from) culminating with all the yatai in one space, with taiko and fue blaring beneath a massive fireworks display! Also there will be plenty of opportunities to meet various taiko players, other musicians and craftsman.

Participants are welcome from across the globe; many have already contacted me from many continents.

Dates: November 27 - December 7  
Cost: $2300 for workshops, travel within Japan and accommodations all. *This fee does not cover airfare, most meals, and travel insurance.  One reason we are able to keep the cost so low is thanks to the generous support of Miyamoto

To register or for inquiries please email: info@taikonyc.com
I am happy to field any questions online or in person at NATC!

Also, even if you had contacted me earlier please write again to info@taikonyc.com to officially register.

Kaoru Watanabe