KAORU'S JAPAN 2017 - a guided tour full of taiko and Japanese music studies in Japan

If you have always wanted to go to Japan but felt intimidated because of language... if you've been curious to know what it's like to study in Japan but not known how to connect to teachers... if you've ever been curious to see the source of so much of what taiko drummers and fue players do these days but wouldn't know how to make the most of your time exploring Japan... THIS is the PERFECT opportunity: 


Supported by Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten and kaDON, organized by Kintetsu, I will be personally guiding participants through: 1) a workshop with...

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New Message from the director Kaoru Watanabe:

Happy New Year to all my fellow taiko drummers and fue players!

2016 was a milestone for me personally and it came and went without me even realizing it: Ten years ago, I left Japan and started a new life in Brooklyn, NY in 2006.

I had actually made my decision to leave Kodo in 2005. I told Ryutaro Kaneko on the ferry ride back to Sado after a Spring tour of my decision to leave and his response, I remember clearly was: 遂に来たか (So finally the time has come!). This was about a month before my directorial debut of Earth Celebration, a big annual festival where Kodo hosts groups from all over the world for collaborations and Ryutaro san recommended two things: 1) I wait until after Earth Celebration to make the announcement 2) if I really wanted to do things right by Kodo, I should stretch my transition out for about a year.

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