New York Miyake Kai @ KWTC



Adding to our beginning, intermediate and ensemble (advanced) classes, we will be adding to our schedule a weekly ongoing session called New York Miyake Kai at KWTC.  We have been hosting intensives and workshops by Kazuhiro and Hidenori from the acclaimed Tsumura family, the most recognized teachers of the traditional festival music of Miyake Island and we are proud to host the New York branch of Miyake Kai.

The structure of Miyake Kai will be very different from the rest of the classes at KWTC, which tends to focus on individual drills and isolating specific techniques.  Inspired by the structure of Miyake classes in Tokyo, participants will basically play constantly from beginning to end, developing technique, form and stamina as they go.  Whether you are already in a group or are brand new to taiko, this is a great opportunity to just spend a lot of time drumming, sweating and getting a good workout!

We will be hosting the Tsumura's as often as we can to keep us in line and are actively planning a joint Miyake workshop with Tokyo Miyake Kai in Tokyo!

Every Sunday from 5:15pm ~ 6:45pm
Fee $10
Please email to sign up!