In alphabetical order

[Chakuto - kuchishoga]

[kaDon Bayashi - western notation]

[kaDon Bayashi - kuchishoga]

[Kyoumei - kuchishoga]

[Miyake - kuchishoga + solo patterns and ending]

[Ogi Matsuri - kuchishoga]

[Together Alone Melody - western notation

[Together Alone Parts - western notation]

[Yatai Bayashi - kuchishoga]

[Yatai Bayashi Bukkiri - kuchishoga]

[Yatai Bayashi Tamaire - kuchishoga]

[Yatai Bayashi Tamaire - western notation]

[Yatai Bayashi Performance Form]

A Brief Overview Of Classical Music

The list includes a wide variety of folk dances, festivals, obon and other Japanese performing arts with a heavy bias for those that use taiko.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself while viewing these videos:

  1. What are the instruments being used? Can you identify them?
  2. How do each instruments sound individually and how do they sound collectively?
  3. What do you think the music is about?
  4. Where is the region where the music comes from and what is that region like?
  5. What is the role the taiko has in the overall performance? What makes it effective?
  6. What are the artifacts being used? (masks, costumes, fans, swords, mikoshi, yatai, sasara, etc.)

*This is taken from Kaoru sensei's post on Facebook.  Read the full version here!

Heian Period 794-1185